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The summit Paradise 

Randoski paradise

House for rent along the Lyngenfjord

Discover the Northern Light or Midnight Sun

Storhaugen Mountain just behind the house
Storhaugen Mountain just behind the house
Rental House in Djupvik, Kåfjord.
Rental House in Djupvik, Kåfjord.

House for rent in the heart of the Summit paradise! The residence is located in Djupvik E6 about 17 km north of Olderdalen in Kåfjord municipality in Troms, the arctic part of Norway. The local shop is located only 1.5 km south of the house. The house has stunning views towards Lyngenfjorden and the Lyngen Alps, are fully furnished and equipped for a comfortable holiday. There is a large garden and lawn surronding the house , so there is plenty of room to romp on for young and old. Information about the house can be found HERE. In winter this is a great starting point for randonee skiing both in the Kåfjord mountain cain along the east side of the Lyngenfjorden and in the Lyngen Alps on the west side. Rando to sea!  Uløytind on Uløya is also a very nice hike not far from the house. You can ski right to the door. You will find brochures in the house on suggestions for tours.

Marianne & Paul

Cozy small property with soul for rent

Located at the foot of the magnificent mountain Storhaugen, which is part of the Kåfjorden Alps, located along Lyngen fjorden in North Troms, Northern Norway.

Aurora Borealis can be a wonderful experience. Best seen far from town in areas with low light. In our house you can lie in the bathtub and enjoy the experience of the Northern Light through the large skylight.

The winter darkens and blue sky

From November until the end of February the sun has not yet climbed over the horizon. But at midday it is a lovely blue light.


The top of Uløya. Stunning views and amazing ski experience!

Click the movie over and see the fanatic view from Uløytind over the Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps.



Truly spectacular is the area in Kåfjordalen and the bridge over the waterfall gorge which is one of Northern Europe's deepest gorges. Gorsabrua is made of aluminum, weighs 10.5 tons, has a span of 53 meters and it is 152 meters to the bottom of the gorge. Continuing the tour of the bridge there is a day's march to Finland's highest peak, Halti, with its 1324 meters. 

Midnight Sun

 at the opening of Lyngenfjorden into to Ocean, Barents Sea

What to do in the area

Winter and summer activities

Cross-country skiing

 There are numerous cross country tracks that can be followed in order to enjoy the landskape and the joy of the beautiful deserted mountains.

In Reisa Vally and Rotsundelv you can find 10's of kilometres of prepaired tracks.

Randonee - Summits



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Lyngen Arctic View,  Djupvik, Kåfjord, Nord Troms, Norge

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